Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ringtones, do you know what your ringtone is?

I love Ringtones! I got a new phone not too long ago with the Android Operating system on it. I love the phone which was designed to compete with the iphone, although I still accidentally butt dial my friends with the touch screen.

I have always had a different ringtone for all my friends so that I could know who was calling without looking at the screen. Mr.EX used to have the Wicked Witch Theme when his first ex-wife called.

The other day my friend MC was at my house and she called my cell phone because I didn't know where it was. When we heard it ringing she gasped! Is THAT my ringtone???

I was soooo busted, here is her ringtone! She told Ger about my ringtones so one day he called me when I was with him.

BUSTED AGAIN!! and NO, it doesn't mean anything other than us being on the front row for the KISS concert! Here is a pic I took that night. It was amazing!

So it's been a little joke among my friends, they call me when I am around to see what their ringtones are. I may have to change some before I am really busted!

Crazy Bitch (from Buckcherry who opened for KISS)
Love Drunk
I Gotta Feeling
I'm Yours

And NO, I am not listing who belongs to these ringtones!

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