Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Careful With Those Picture Messages!

Just thought I would let you guys know about something that happened to me last month. I got this picture message from a number I didn't recognize, it was a Tennessee area code so I was curious.

All it said was "Ahhhhhhh"

So I clicked REPLY. Now, keep in mind, I did NOT type in a new number, I clicked on REPLY to the message I had just gotten.

I said, "Where's mine?"
Unknown Number said "Who is this?"
Me "Whoever you sent the pic of the margarita to."
Unknown Number said "I haven't sent a picture of a margarita to anyone and I have no idea who this is.

Unknown Number has just been saved in my contacts as Idiot and I forwarded the pic to them.

Idiot "Who is this?"
Me "Who is this?? You texted me first!

And that was I thought.

A few weeks later, I was telling my friend, Trish about this crazy this crazy text exchange.

She said, "OH! I sent you a pic of a never responded."
I replied, "What? How can that be?"

So she sent me the pic again....BINGO! The margarita pic!

I have no idea who this person is who appeared to have sent me the pic of a margarita. I entered them in my phone as Idiot. I had no idea messages could get mixed like that. I have been told it's not possible but the proof is in my phone.

I'm just glad it wasn't a picture of someones who-ha!