Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st!

Halloween is over.

The trick-or-treaters went home around 9p.m.

Decorations are in the garage, waiting to be put up, and I have to re-decorate my blog. It's October 31st, and my 31st post of October.

Blog Material?

I got nothing.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Were The 80's

This will be a first for me. I am getting 4 things accomplished just by starting with one!

First, it's 80's Day over at Wheresmyangels!


Second, I have been tagged by Jennifer so I am going to pass it along in this post.

Third, it's my post of the day. One more day and I will have blogged every day during the month of October! It was not easy guys.


Fourth, I found something I was looking for when I started to round up my 80's memorabilia!

SO here is is my tribute to the 80's

I was a techno geek even back then. I got my first CD player (and the first portable CD player made) for my birthday in 1985. The Sony D5, exactly like the one in the pic. I ran right down to the 'record' store, Turtles, and got my very first CD. The Back to the Future Soundtrack, I still have them both! There was not a huge selection back then (like 10)!


I was in an AirBand contest, remember those??? Who needs Guitar Hero?

We did the song "One Night in Bangkok" by Robey. The girl version, not the guy version by Murray Head.

I know, we could've done Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benetar, Blondie...but everyone did them! We were later told that there were lights shining behind us. We were wearing very thin, sheer pants. Our friends said it was almost like we were naked. I thought the audience was clapping cause we were so good?!?

This was my hair in 1985

I tried to do 80's hair...didn't work. Perms made my hair fall out. Which is why I only have the proof to this pic. That and the fact that one eye is almost closed.

My perm fell out and I was left with this, but the dress is nice right? Don't I look like 3 different people?

I was a Band Geek, Go-Go's Lover in the 80's

I never got to see the Go-Go's in person because their concert was always on Friday night and I was stuck at the game.

I have no idea why I was wearing an Alabama sweatshirt, I must have lost a bet! See the girl above the star? I'll get to her in a minute.

I was on the Yearbook Staff in High School, before digital cameras, before Photoshop, before ANYTHING. I took this pic with my Minolta with b&w film, processed it and you can see the crop tape. There is that girl again! Who is she?

She is the one I am tagging in this blogpost. She popped up twice while looking through my stuff. SUSAN!! I am going to stray from the rules a little with this tag. I have listed the random facts 80's style, but I am only going to tag her and her sister TERRI!

Have fun girls! Here are the real rules!

The Rules:
1.) Link back to the person who tagged you & share the rules on your blog.
2.) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3.) Tag 7 people & list their links on your post.
4.) Tell those 7 people by commenting on their blogs

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Death to Recess and the P.E. Nazis

Remember recess? It was the favorite part of my day. Kickball, jumprope, swings, and you got to chase and be chased by BOYS.

Then they killed recess.

It was a cold and calculated coup brought about by the P.E. Nazis. Recess was fun, P.E. was torture. The P.E. Nazis like it that way. P.E. Nazis were probably once the playground bullies. The self-appointed captains of the kickball teams, the ones who liked the feeling of choosing the most athletic kids first and humiliating the kids who they had to pick last...

But the best part of recess? We could say, screw them, let's go jump rope! If you didn't want to play kickball, you didn't have to.

So the playground bullies grew up to get a degree in physical education and they became the P.E. Nazis.

In middle school, when you are the most vulnerable and most unsure of your body, the P.E. Nazis make you undress in front of all the other kids. It was the first time that running and playing became the dreaded "exercising."

When I was in the 7th grade, my P.E. teacher thought it would be a good idea to teach lanky 12 year olds how to jump hurdles. I was 5'9 all legs and probably weighed 90lbs. soaking wet. I think you know where I am going with this.

"Just run, and and jump."

That was the extent of our instruction.

So I ran...and jumped...and landed. Elbow first, then my hip, flat on my back. My friends were scared when I burst into tears (I don't cry). I was holding my arm and my friends were taking me into the school. The coach yells after us...


Thanks Dr. P.E. Nazi, they almost had to put pins in my arm due to a completely broken humerus and I got to start the summer with a cast that couldn't get wet...protecting my PRIDE no doubt.

P.E. Nazis still exist. When the Youngest Boy broke his toe, the Doctor gave him a written excuse...

"NO P.E. for 4 WEEKS."

They still made him change into his P.E. clothes... AND WALK AROUND THE TRACK for the entire class period. (I see that confused look on your face, I had it too)

I sent the P.E. Nazi an email.

Me: Youngest Boy has a broken toe. Toe Dr. gave him a written excuse for P.E. for 4 weeks. Why does he have to walk the track by himself during P.E.?
Dr. P.E. Nazi: He needs to be doing SOMETHING, besides, he needs to 'work it out.'

That prompted a letter to the Principal.

Me: The Youngest Boy has a broken toe, he also has a note from the Toe Doctor that excuses him from P.E. for 4 weeks. The P.E. Nazi teacher is making him walk around the track and I don't understand why.
Principal with no Principles: Yes, I am aware of this situation, what do you want him to do? Just sit there?
Me: I would think that a woman with a Ph.D would know what an excuse from P.E. MEANS. It means YES, I WANT HIM TO JUST SIT THERE. Maybe he could READ A BOOK, he is in school you know?

He wasn't allowed to read, but they let him sit out during the class. Instead of reading, the P.E. Nazi wanted him to WATCH what the other kids were doing.

Hey, I wonder if that will work for me? Will I get the same benefits watching a workout DVD from the sofa? In the interest of science I am going to try it.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 and the Blog Reader

So I used to think I was just 'different' until I was diagnosed with ADD. Things made sense in my life, like my 'daydreaming' in class and bulldog type attitude.

There can be an up side to ADD, like the fantastic creativity and the fact that my brain never shuts down.

There is definitely a down side to the fact that my brain never shuts down and I can't stay on task.

I have some friends who are ADD also...we have conversations and never complete ONE SINGLE TRAIN OF's more like a train wreck!

This is me when I pick up my laptop in the morning.

Email...ooh look what is on sale at

MSN (homepage) Madonna nand Guy, marriage in

Alaska Senator Stevens found guilty,

HappyHourSue, Haha!

Blogroll....this Blog then that Blog...then another...then another...then another....

Look at the clock.

Another day gone and nothing accomplished but I have another 20 blogs to follow.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

This post is rated R, or at least PG13...14...maybe 15.

Mr. Twisted and I have a joke. It's about the remote control to the TV/CableBox DVR.

We call it "The Penis"

Gasp...yes I know...but before you click on your next Blog, please let me explain.

You all know that the remote control is the symbolic phallus of everyone's household. Whoever holds it holds all the power, like in the Real World.

I had the 'penis' and then Mr. Twisted came home and wanted it. He asked, "Do we have any movies to watch?"

Of course we do, Blockbuster online is the BOMB! I returned a movie I got in the mail for Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the local store.

HappyHourSue said it was hysterical.


Me: Let's watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. HappyHourSue said it was hysterical.
Mr. Twisted: Oh, by all means, let's get our movie recommendations from your Twit Friends.
Me: Uh Yeah, cause they like are the funniest people on Earth!

In the first 3 minutes of the movie, there was nakedness. And not gurl nakedness, it was BOY nakedness!

HappyHourSue ROCKS! I don't have the 'penis' but I made Mr. Twisted watch one! LOL!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Decoration Moratorium

I have been told that I am not allowed to buy any more Halloween decorations.

I really don't see what the big deal is.

Although, this is not all of them...

I will post more pics tomorrow!

(And he hasn't even seen the bubble blower I have hidden in my trunk, it blows bubbles filled with FOG!)

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's almost Halloween!

It's almost Halloween.

I sent my boss this picture and asked him if I could do my bus like this...his reply...

"Lisa - I would prefer if you didn’t?"

And yes, the question mark was his.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Troll Showdown

I knew it, the Word Verification Trolls are screwing with me. Looking at the comments of my readers, they are here to wreck havoc among us.

Today, we had a showdown.

I was about to post a comment on a blog and they started playing with me.

Me: "I knew it, you are just hateful Trolls. What is wrong with you?"

Me: "I don't Youngest Boy has it too, it's no excuse."

Me: "What? Are you calling me FAT?"

Me: "I have a FAT FANNY? Game on TROLLS!"

Me: "THAT is NOT any better!"

Me: "I knew it! You are nasty little Trolls! Did you think that was funny?"

Me: "You are sad little Trolls."

Me: "Okay, now you are staring to piss me off!"


Me: "Damn Skippy you made a have messed with the wrong person."

Me: "You bet I'm Hot but sucking up will get you no where."

Me: :You betcha...I am going to tweet to everyone how evil you Trolls are....YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come over to the Dark Side

So, Auburn lost...again. Go figure.

So Mr. Twisted said...after the bloodbath...

"What's the deal with Auburn?"


"Maybe it's time that you woke up and came over to the light. I know that you really bleed Crimson and White."

*sigh* (again)

"I am not coming over to the Dark Side...say what you want, Paul "Bear" Bryant made a deal with the Devil."

Does anyone have the Devil on Speed Dial? Tubbs needs to be fired and Satan needs to give us a new Head he gave Alabama Saban.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I feel better, my Blog is back.

I did a template upgrade, I mean..why not if I had to do everything ALL OVER AGAIN?

I am still tweaking and adding. I don't have all my awards back up or all the blogs I read. But I am hoping that it will not be long before I am as cluttered and unorganized as always.

I have upgraded to Firefox 3, I have all of my bookmarks back, and my favicon is working although not as sharp an image as the one I had before...could use some work but hey, I am just happy to be back.

Enjoy and let me know if I am missing anything important.

Thanks for all the help guys, I love my computer because my friends live in it!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I blew up my blog. It all started like this, a comment on one of my posts that my Favicon wasn't working.

I took a look, DAMN. It wasn't working anymore. I spent WAAAAY too much time getting it to work when I set it up.

So I thought, maybe I need to upgrade FireFox. I tried it once but it was not coupon printing friendly. SO I went back to the 2.0 Version. I thought it had been enough time for them to work out the coupon issues so I went for it. Firefox Version 3.0

And it all went to Hell after that.

All my bookmarks were like a year old. None of the new stuff was there...NONE of the time sucking blogs that I LOVE TO EVERY DAY.

This WON'T DO, it won't DO AT ALL.

So, I googled the problem and attempted to fix it. What I ended up doing is deleting ALL THE BOOKMARKS I EVER HAD.

So I unistalled FireFox and did a System Restore.

I rebooted and installed FireFox 2.0 and clicked on it.

FIREFOX.EXE has encounted an error and must close. I did this like 12 times. Same message. So I ran FireFox in it's own Safe Mode (I discovered after Googling more)and it seemed to start up fine. AND MY BOOKMARKS WERE BACK! Automatic spel chek in browzers is NOT.

But it doesn't end there...

I tried to fix my Favicon...I lost my Head...I don't know where it went. I am talking about my HTML head as in< head> < /head > It was gone...poof.

So I thought, I will just upload another template...and I did. But I DID save a copy of the original template. I uploaded but got a message, you will lose all of your Widgets if you do I googled, "saving widgets" as if they are on an endangered list.

And they were.

I did exactly what I read...

And all my widgets were GONE. And I HATED the template.

SO back to the original...

Only the Widgets were gone..all gone....totally gone.

I blew up my Blog.

I didn't fix the favicon, I didn't upgrade to FireFox 3.0, I didn't get spelchek bak, and I lost my blog. In addition to that, I spent WAY more time on the computer than I had planned today.

Here is my To Do List for today, the pink checks are what I got accomplished.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Visual Verification

I really hate these things but I know they are a necessary evil.

Sometimes I think they are cussing at me (fuk) and a friend was leaving a comment on my blog and they wanted her to enter (pyehol).

I think they toy with us.

Today I was trying to leave a comment and the little visual never popped up. So I typed in "visual verification" it's all I had!

It didn't work...I can hear those little verification trolls laughing!

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Blog Love

Gotta love it!

Jodi gave me this awesome award while I was on my way to El Paso, which is why I am so late in getting it up. Thanks girlfriend!

The Rules for accepting the award are:

* displaying the award

* linking back to the person who gave it to you

* *paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs

* adding links to those seven blogs

* leaving comments on their blog telling them you gave them an award

* enjoying the award

Now for the Nominations:






Vanilla Sugar

I Need A Martini

Spread the Love Ladies!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm back!

It's good to be home...but I'm too tired to write anything funny.

Check back tomorrow!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

what's wrong with this picture?

We went to the Concordia Cemetery today. They had a history tour where people were dressed in period costumes and told us their stories. It was very interesting but the most fun part was the L & J Cafe right across the street from the cemetery.

It's supposed to be haunted.

I don't know about that but the food was INCREDIBLE! The Hotel where we are staying has the NERVE to place a scale in the bathroom, WTF? Who does that?

Anyway, here is the ad on the bathroom door of L & J you find it as funny as I do?

Mention L&J's the bar that served THESE!

We ran into some real 'ghosthunters' Chris is writing a book about paranormal ghost hunting in El Paso and we were 'interviewed'. He was so impressed to find out that we were staying in the Camino Real...he told me where to take pics where I might capture some orbs...I am sooooo there!

Scientific ghost hunting electronic stuff.

We ordered a cheeseburger and flan from room service and we will go take some pics and get to bed. We are hopping over to mexico in the morning!

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