Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's Twisted Lisa Esquire!!

So I graduated from law school May 2010, and took the Bar for the first time Feb. 2011. I wasn't able to take the July Bar due to some kind of paperwork snafu. This would have put the Ex-Mr.Twisted panties' in a knot but thank God I am no longer his prisoner.

I passed the Bar!!!! First Time! Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!! They say the February Bar is the harder Bar to pass...do I care? HELL NO!

So... does anyone need a quickie divorce? ;) CHEERS!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello Peeps!

Well, today is March 5th 2011 (barely since it's 3:06 a.m.)

I took the Bar last week. It's a miracle that I still can recognize the alphabet!

It was horrible...I will be taking it again in July....I totally bombed the essay questions.... :(