Monday, April 20, 2009

Exams and then Summer!

Woooo Hoooo! I got the electives I wanted and am registered for the Summer Semester.

You may not be hearing much from me until exams are over. My nails are long, nice and pretty (by the time I take my exams, I chew them all off!)

These exams should be easier to handle since I don't have to baby Mr.X and try to study too. I sometimes wonder how he is getting along without me shopping for ALL of the groceries, driving my bus at 3:00, then coming home to put dinner on the table and rushing out the door to head to class at 5:45. Then I would come home from class between 8:30 and 9:00 and do it all over again, 4 nights a week. A huge burden has been lifted! And I am not at all bitter that had I not broken my foot from standing in Mr.X's piece of crap kitchen chair, I would be graduating in 5 days.

Summer Semester

Conflict of Laws
Pleadings and Practice
Law Office Practice
Municipal Court Practice and Procedure

Fall Semester

Senior Seminar I

Spring Semester

Senior Seminar II

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