Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Opal! Bad Girl!

Opal Update...

She's a smart puppy! During my last exams she decided that she was not getting enough attention. It was my hardest semester of law school and I was totally immersed in my studies.

I let her out in the yard to run around and get some exercise and wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. She apparently got a little too close to the pool and then found some dirt. Nice, fertile, BLACK DIRT!

She came running back to the house and when I picked her up, mud dripped between my fingers! She went straight to the tub! The downstairs tub is huge, it's an indoor Jacuzzi tub that is bigger than the tubs put in new houses today. Two people can sit in it side by side and it has a heater that heats the water too! The down side is that it takes a LOT of water to fill it.

As you can see behind her, the gazillion gallons of water it took to bathe her was BLACK and she wasn't even clean yet! The tub was just as hard to clean as she was!

My school load has lessoned so poor Opal won't be neglected as much anymore.

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MrsSki said...

Aww, she looks pretty cute for being a bad little puppy and getting into dirt making her very own mixture of mud!

What a cutie!

AprilG said...

That'll teach ya to pay more attention to that precious little thing! She has the cutest face.

momcat said...

The tricks a dog has to resort to to get some attention! Bet she enjoyed the mud too though.

coreymom40 said...

Goood Girrrrl! She looks like she had a large time.
(Nice to see a post from ya!!)

Jodi said...

Hey Lisa! I know it has been a long time. BUT!! I saw this and thought of you! I remember when you were trying to find your Dad and contacted Troy and all. I saw a reunion on the news and thought maybe you can try doing what this man did to find his daughter. It was a great idea. Plus I wanted you to see the story. It is SO heartwarming. It is on my blog on Sunday November 8th post.
Hope all is well!!!
Opal is so cute even when she is being bad. LOL