Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

All things considered, this Valentine's Day is actually going to be one of the best!

It's going to be all about me, which is nice for a change.

I have been invited to a Singles get-together with some old High School Chums...(Facebook is becoming my new best friend!)

I have lost touch with so many people, people who were much fun, it feels good to laugh again. I didn't think I was going to be happy again after Mr. X but I quickly realized that I was the fun one and I don't need him to be happy.

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Mary Moore said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Have a BLAAAAST!! And yes, you are the fun one! So am I in my relationship, so my hubby just doesn't go anywhere with me anymore... Have a great time!

Needsleepy said...

I hear you! Seems we all lose contact with people over the years. I think you should go for it! (The singles get together!)
I am glad to hear you have got the courage to "get back out there."
Cross my fingers that you find Mr. Right!....or at least Mr. Makes-Me-Feel-Good-And-Rocks-My-World-For-Now.
Just have some fun!