Monday, May 25, 2009

Life's A Beach!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day! I am spending my holiday and week at the Gulf Coast. The weather was supposed to be awful but it ended up being beautiful. Just a little relaxation before coming home to deal with Mr.X and moving all of my belongings that he continues to hold hostage.

Thanks to all of those who serve and protect our freedoms so that we can all sit on the beach.

Kite Flying Expert (Youngest Boy)

Oldest Boy, having successfully completed his first year at Auburn and acquiring enough hours to almost be a junior (AP classes)! AND, still has his scholarship, which has been a problem for some freshmen!

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coreymom40 said...

Have a great time. You are at my favorite place. It has rained all weekend here, until now, after we came home. It's now sunny and hot. ugh

Mi Thoughts said...

Auburn's a tough school. That's an impressive accomplishment!