Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Beach, Some Where!

Wow, I can't believe it's been since 6/3 since I posted. I have been so busy, working, packing, moving, unpacking, school...

and the occasional, spontaneous BEACH TRIP!

I can't believe how isolated I had become in the last 4 or so years. I have really missed my friends. One of them had a free condo for the weekend so off we went.

It was nice to get away, away from the insanity which is my divorce.

Update on that...

Trial date was continued so the new trial date is 8/6. It may have to be continued again, it's right before my finals. Our judge is not going to be happy if he has to hear this case. It's just not worth it. I sent Mr. X my final counter proposal, after that, I will either increase everything or let it go to trial. He will end up paying his attorney the difference in the amount I am asking and the amount he has offered.

I have also been working diligently to prepare. It's not going looking good for him. Everything he claimed in the interrogatories I have found proof to dispute. He actually attacked me as a mother. He stated about the Youngest Boy, "she told him that he should not drink alcohol but her actions spoke louder than her words."

I find that quite amusing considering I have a picture of his daughter bringing him a beer in her bathing suit, hip cocked, making the Peace sign in her other hand.

Talk about your glass houses and throwing stones.

I promise to post more. I have actually started another blog. As soon as I get more than a few posts on it, I will let you guys know where it is!

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Tom said...

A lot of stone throwing takes place during a divorce...make sure you keep your head down.