Monday, July 27, 2009

Spontaneous Beach Trip 2

Ok, so I did study while I was out in the sun!

Panama City Beach!!!

My friend, Mary Catherine invited me to her mom's place in Panama City Beach. All I had to do was drive her mom's van down there for her and bring our Cabana Boy, Gerry.

Gerry has become a good friend of ours, another positive thing from Facebook. I knew Gerry in high school, in fact, I had a huge crush on him. Something I had repressed in my memory until we rode for 5 hours together in the car. He started talking about football, and our 1982 State Championship and things started coming back to me.

My cousin wanted to send me a baseball jersey from her high school in Kentucky and asked me what number I wanted on the back...

When he mentioned his number, Eleven, I gasped! That was the number I chose for my jersey.

Funny thing about crushes, we would have never gotten along. I am thankful for his friendship now...

but hey!

He made an awesome Cabana Boy, here he is bringing us fresh beverages while we were floating in the ocean.

Life is good my friends!

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Heather said...

Oooh, I need to make sure to pack a cabana boy for our trip to Disney World next month, as we're planning to spend midafternoons in the pool! :D Do you wanna lend me yours?

Glad you had a good time and got some relaxing done - you deserve it!

Jennifer said...

He looks rather delicious

Lyn said...

Good for you for carving out some precious sun and fun for yourself. We all need time to recharge and there is no better way than to hit the beach with your pals. I think I am just a little bit jealous. : )