Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's Out For Summer!

Today was the last day of regular school. Yippeeeee! Due to the economic climate and the mis-spending of our City Council and our School Board, they had to lay off 20 school bus drivers. This could have been bad for me if I had not been driving a bus for 7 years, but I was spared.

It DID however cause a shakeup in our routes. I got a route closer to my new home!! (more on that later!!)

After I dropped the kids off for the last time, I ran some errands and came back to where I am temporarily staying. This is what was waiting for me on the ground.

Of course this intrigues me because I just got word today that I passed all my classes this semester!!! Wooo Hooo!!! Straight Cs but after all I have been through, I take them with pride.

So, after a little investigating I discover that the landlord who owns my friends place also owns the entire street basically and he had a dumpster delivered to throw out some stuff that previous tenants had left. There is no telling how long this stuff has been in storage....

SO, I had to take a peek, right?

You won't believe what I found. Apparently, a lawyer had vacated a property and left behind EVERYTHING, right down to his wedding album...but hey, if his marriage turned out like my last one...good riddance, right?

I don't think that anyone told the Bride that you could see right through her crocheted dress, or maybe that was the point. The other family members in the pictures didn't look very happy!

Along with files that probably should have been shredded, there were a few volumes of the Code of Alabama. If I was a true dumpster diver, I would have gone all the way in to see if the complete set was there...but I am NOT. I do have my limits.

This was in perfect shape and I like it!

This is pretty cool, the artist is G.R. Cheesebrough, and it's numbered and signed.

AND....This is sooooo cool I can't believe it. The autograph appears to be real, it looks like it got a little wet and the Y bled a little. I LOVE IT!

Last but not least, I pulled this out for my friend, Cindy. She was pining away for a 'hard body' to snuggle at night so when I saw him in the dumpster, I couldn't resist. Funny thing was, when I pulled him out of the dumpster, he was wearing 2 womens aprons. You guys don't know how funny and ironic that happened to be, but more on THAT later.

My law school has changed their schedule so now, for the first time in forever, I have some time off from work which coincides with the school break. The latest motion Mr.X asked for was such a hit in my circle, that one of my newest friends offered me his place at the beach for a week or so. (Say what you want about Lawyers, the ones I know are AWESOME!) The timing is great because Mr.X wants to be allowed to hover over me when I get my things and only allow me to pack when he is there and during times that are only convenient for him. That is why we will spend another day in court. But it will just show the judge the kind of person he is and help with the upcoming trial.

So cheers!!! The next blog post will be from the sand!

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Anonymous said...

I know the great nephew of the GR Cheesebrough print you have. Was wondering if you wanted to sell it? He is also a lawyer. Thanks.