Friday, June 13, 2008

Computer Surgery

I bought a Dell computer in January. A Vostro 1400, I LOVE this thing. I have an extra battery nd built in WiFi and Bluetooth.

I was so happy with my laptop...then I started having problems with the touchpad buttons. It was starting to get very annoying, sticking, grinding etc.

I had a couple of options at this point. Send the baby in and wait 2 weeks to get it back, OR get the part and do it myself. I was informed that this was not a user friendly part but what the hey, I'm HANDY. The part came yesterday.

There were detailed instructions online and I had my 2 boys here, one of which is starting at Auburn in the fall (Engineering).

I started dissecting my laptop and when I said, "Remove the 22 screws on the bottom of the laptop." Tyler (the engineer) said, "Good luck with that."

I was alone.

Here is a pic of my sweet laptop. In pieces.

I got it put back together. I only had 1 screw leftover but I think I had an extra one to begin with! The dead part is on the right. Now my new buttons are sooooo smoooooth!

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