Sunday, June 8, 2008


It’s 12:15 and I am sitting here in Auburn Alabama waiting on my son to finish his Drumline tryouts. Which is not really a tryout yet, I think it’s a mini drum camp. From what I understand, tryouts for specific parts are in August. I caught some video before they took a break and will be posting it as soon as I get an internet connection faster than my cell phone.

It’s 95 degrees , in the shade. Luckily, I am parked under a large tree. I had hoped to play around with my blog setup but it seems that Blogger is DOWN. It always freaks me out when that happens. If a website is down, does it still exist? Ohhhhhhhhh nice breeze. I don’t hear any more playing so I guess they are wrapping up.

We are heading to the Auburn Oyster Bar as soon as we leave. Can't WAIT!

Today is The Youngest Boy's Birthday! Hubby is at home putting up the inflatable cake I have. The Oldest Boy wouldn't let me put it out on his birthday. I guess 18 is officially the age when you can say NO to embarrassing moms. I ordered The Youngest Boy a Cookie cake. It's what he wanted, covered in icing. I still have this year and two more to embarrass him!

Last night while the Oldest Boy was drumming, I went to KMart and saw the funniest thing! Straws. But the straws themselves weren't funny, it was the package. Here's a pic!

Okay, so The Oldest Boy thinks I'm weird for thinking this is funny.

He informs me that he wasn't given the boot!

War Eagle!

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