Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I just love it when a person perjures himself on the stand! During a court proceeding that is being recorded by a court recorder! Especially when there is digital proof to impeach them later, like in a trial?

Some people have a knack for recording and documenting EVERYTHING...maybe it's an OCD thing. I do it...

These are the clients attorneys love!

The plaintiff lies, and out comes documentation to prove otherwise...

And remember this blogfans...perjury is a crime. And, it really makes you look like a loser...or someone who isn't smart enough to know better.

So, my advice to everyone...tell the truth under oath, and save those incriminating pictures and emails. It makes attorneys happy!


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Heather said...

Well, it sounds like the hearing went well for you then... :)

I've been thinking of you and hoping it was a good day!

Terri said...