Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warning! Strong Language!

8. Lily Allen - Fuck You - For more funny videos, click here

This is my favorite song, today anyway. I want to produce the music video. THIS is NOT a music video...but I am giving them time and a huge 'shout-out' about my idea for the song. The lyrics are great and this is what I see, tell me if you agree after you listen to the song.

Keep in mind, there is NO WAY that this song will be played on the radio!

Lily Allen singing, (close-up then pan to the side)
Broadway type stage, lots of lights. Man in drag, you know the pretty kind, takes up singing only lip-syncing. Dressed in a Rockettes type costume.

Pan out
Chorus starts
Chorus line of Drag Queens doing a high kick type Rockettes kind of high kick.

I know you all can see it!?! Right?

I can SO produce this video...choreographer anyone?


Terri said...

I know some drag queens.

Jennifer said...

LISA!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CD.....AS WELL AS THIS SONG!!! I was just listening to this CD on my ipod today in the car. I love all of Lilly Allen's music! How have you been by the way? Been thinking of you!! Jen