Thursday, December 18, 2008


So now I have blog Stage Fright. I know that I am no UberBlogger but I was feeling pretty good about myself, my blog and my 38 followers.

Then yesterday, there were 37, then today...


Which really puts the pressure on. Why did they stop following me? What did I do? Are they 'cat people'? Maybe they don't like anything French, including dogs?

Of course, I went to Mr. Twisted to bore him talk to him about it.

Me: I had two people quit following my blog.
Mr. Twisted: Well, your blog has not been really good lately.
Me: How would you know, you don't even read it.
Mr. Twisted: I know because you haven't been making me listen to you read it to me.
Me: Well, it's hard to come up with something funny when people are dropping like flies.
Mr. Twisted: Maybe it's time for a Coaching change.

Of course, Mr. Twisted is referring to the Auburn debacle coaching change.

Here are my thoughts on that...

1. Apparently, Auburn is not ready for a qualified, African American coach (Turner Gill).

2. Even when Alabama was at what most fans feel is their lowest point...the women had "Eye Candy".

3. We have to look at this...and LOSE TOO?

4. At least we have some "eye candy" to look at during the Alabama/Auburn game...


Legal Diva said...

Dude... I'm still here. :)
Yeah, a little eye candy makes football a whole lot better.

Hope your exams are going well.

Roll Tide!!! hehehe.

Alpha Whale said...

You're back to 37; that means you are so good that more came - while those lesser intellectuals left in shame for not being able to understand your genius.

Plus I count as two so really you are strong at 38.

Jodi said...

If you had someone named Sweet Cops Wife, I think she deleted her blog so don't feel bad. I noticed her off my followers list and the other bloggy friends I knew she was on. I can't remember if she was on yours too. Don't feel bad :)

red_queen said...

At least you have that many followers - I only have one - you!

While I am eternally grateful that you read my thoughts and innermost feelings, I do wish others were interested as well.

BTW - I never sang. We left after 2 rum and cokes - and I must assume it takes 3 for me to sing.

Maybe spring break.....

ciara said...

you talk about way more stuff than i do. i'm like the seinfeld of blogging. i blog about absolutely nothing! lol i get all weird when i see feedburner count 50 one day & 40 the next. maybe i need a blog overhaul, too.

i am feathermaye said...

I'm still here, even though you don't follow me back. I read all the time, even if I don't always comment.

Hey! Why aren't you following me back?? My ten measly little followers aren't nearly enough pressure! ;)

Twisted Lisa said...

"GASP" I thought I was following...I am now...
Anyone else out there who has been slighted by me?

Father Muskrat said...

I wouldn't worry about followership. I have no idea who follows and doesn't follow me, actually. I don't think my template lets me know.

I hope AU gets better, as it's better for the SEC, but I don't want them beating AL 6 times in a row again. That sucked.

Travis Erwin said...

Turner Gill is a good coach and when he lands at a big time college program his teams will be tough to beat.