Sunday, December 14, 2008

Retarded Shopping

I was in Best Buy, picking up the now-repaired camera The Oldest Boy dropped. (6 days after the promised return time) and I was sucked in by the sexuality of all the electronic toys.

Okay, so electronics do it for me...I know it's twisted.

Anyway, I had one of their retarded shopping carts that has the loooong bottom part and the short buggy part so that every time I turned a corner, the bottom part knocked something over. I looked like a dufus.

I was shopping for games that the Boys wanted and I got really confused. The Youngest Boy claims the XBox 360 and The Oldest Boy claims the Wii. The Oldest Boy wants Guitar Hero III World Tour for Wii and I snagged it. Thought I got a great deal too! $59

Later, I was on the phone with a friend who called me from Best Buy. (you always have to have a 'phone a friend' while shopping) "Does Singstar come on XBox?"

I google it, "Nope, it's only Playstation" and then she said...

Her: "They must have raised the price on World Tour, it's $99 now."
Me: "What? No way."
Her: "Yeah, the Legends of Rock is $59.'
Me: "Uh-oh, Let me call you back."

Youngest Boy is on the sofa while this is going on.

I run out to the car (I hide all gifts in my trunk til I can wrap them) and I look. I bought Legends of Rock for the XBox 360. Wrong on two counts.

I come back in and call her back..."Damn, I bought the wrong one."

I look over at The Youngest Boy, and I ask...

Me: "How about you, do you want Legends of Rock for the 360?"
Youngest Boy: After laughing for a few minutes, "Mom, that's just lazy."

Well, I tried. He knows how much I despise returning things!

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Travis Erwin said...

Once upon a time I was up all the systems and what they offered but anymore I'm losing my connection. That might be the first sign of middle age.

Tenakim said...

I am so confused with all the Guitar Heros- I will use that as an excuse for the reason I won't be getting it for my son this year!!!

ciara said...

we will now have all guitar heroes except aerosmith. i bought the guitar hero world tour complete band kit. comes w wireless guitar and wireless drums, microphone, and game. that was 189. but that was for playstation 2. only stepson has xbox 360 cos mom's side of fam overcompensates for his mom not being there due to addiction or whatever. he'll prob get the complete rock band kit for xmas. even tho most of them have no money. i want a wii, but i'll survive if i don't get one hehe

Rickey Henderson said...

Just get em pong and see what their reactions are.

Wayne John said...

I wish Atari was still around...

Hey, your bookmarks look good. I'd clean up the Blinklist item though...try it and you'll see what I mean. I need to update my post to speak to that too...