Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm not wrapping it and you can't make me

I got my husband a new penis for Christmas.

He gets frustrated because I have set up all the electronics and it's not so easy to watch TV, watch a DVD, anymore.

I helped him pick out the 50inch Samsung DLP when we were dating. I even went down to Charter and switched out his cable box for an HD DVR the Friday before the Superbowl. I was in BestBuy the next day listening to the salesmen tell all the men (with horrified looks on their faces) that it was too late for an HD Superbowl...Charter was closed...too bad they didn't have a girlfriend who ROCKS! (That was a quote from Mr. Twisted)

Now that we have merged and he married a girl techno geek wannabe, we have a DVD Recorder, Receiver for surround sound, and the HD DVR.

This has pushed Mr. Twisted over the edge...the remotes alone are maddening.

I have tried to program the Charter remote but it just WON'T WORK. It will work for me and then Mr. Twisted touches it and it loses all the settings. WTF?

So I bought him......


Those are real Angels singing in the background, not the surround sound!

Here is the problem. I decided to set this sucker up before I wrapped it, It has a rechargeable battery so I charged it first. Then I tried to set it up on my computer and I think my dvd drive is screwed up on my laptop. I can't autoplay nor explore and install software from it. Any real geeks out there have an idea? Anyway...

I finally got the software installed after downloading it from the Logitech website and couldn't get my computer to see the remote. After Googling the problem, I used a USB cord that was NOT included with the remote and it worked. (Weird huh?)

Then there was MAGIC.

I click on the touchscreen (watch TV) and BOOM, TV and DVR come on...I click the touchscreen again (Watch DVD) and the DVR turns off, the Receiver turns on, and we have a MOVIE!!!

I am glad I set it up before Christmas, that would be a pain on Christmas morning struggling with the USB issue and my computer dvd drive issue, but now it's all set up.

Problem number 2...

I stayed up til 2am last night after everyone had gone to bed, just switching channels and going from TV to DVD. It even comes with it's own little polishing cloth for fingerprints.

I don't want to wrap it and you can't MAKE ME!

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Legal Diva said...

ooohhhhh... aahhhhh.... thats pretty awesome. My husband has set up all our surround sound, tv, dvd stuff and I get the kids to make it all work. That would be a nice gift for myself.

i am feathermaye said...

Don't wrap it. Put it in a sock and hide it in a place most husbands will never venture... like where you keep the new rolls of toilet paper. Then, whenever the opportunity presents itself between now and The Big Day, you can slide it out and enjoy the touch-screeny goodness.

Just a thought... ;)

Wayne John said...

Stick it in between the cushions and pull it out when you don't want to watch what everyone else is watching. Keep it a secret and only use it when others aren't looking.

Leave them the old remotes and keep that one for yourself, that's a nice toy!

Merry Christmas to your and your family Lisa!

Daughter said...

I feel like we hold more power in our boobs than men do in their penises. I mean, seriously, if you show a little nip guys will do just about anything. If I were you, I would paint it pink and put a little areola around the top and call it "The Queen."