Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coca-Cola how can you do this?

Mr. Twisted is not a happy man right now. We have been out of Black Cherry Fresca since Thanksgiving. I have been looking for it everywhere. Can't find any.

I called the local Coca-cola bottling plant to see what was up.

Apparently, they aren't going to sell it anymore.


I can't believe it, I mean, we buy enough ourselves to justify production!

Conversation last night:

Me: "They aren't going to sell Black Cherry Fresca anymore."
Mr. Twisted: "What? Are you kidding me?"
Me: "That is what the Coke guy said"
Mr. Twisted: "Then I don't want to drink Vodka anymore."
Me: "What?"
Mr. Twisted: "I don't, I like it with Black Cherry Fresca and that's it."
Me: "Okay, well....don't think for a minute I am going to join your Vodka Fast."

Hey COKE PEOPLE...You hear that??? The Vodka industry is going to suffer, don't you need to do what you can to help the economy???

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David said...

This is worrisome. Is there a world-wide shortage of Black Cherries?

Is there some nation-wide backlash of politically correct naming issue that says calling a cherry black is inappropriate so famers no longer sell those cherries?

Can Coke not substitute Bing Cherries?

What is happening to the great democracy of America?

On reflection, this is more than worrisome, it is national disaster of ginormous proportions.

What is to become of us?

Tootie said...

Maybe he could try some Cruzan Black Cherry Rum in Sprite. It's not a bad drink. :-)

Heather said...

How about substituting with Cherry Coke Zero? My husband likes that one.... I can't drink diet (allergic to aspartame) so I have to take his word on the deliciousness thereof....

ciara said...

i didn't even know they still made fresca. when tab appears in a store,i'm shocked by that, too.

BrotherO said...

I didn't know Coke made Black Cherry Fresca! And now it's too late! What the?! Now I feel I've somehow been cheated.

I'm the standard Lemon drop vodka drink person. Since my sister showed me how to warm lemons in the microwave then use that juice, I've been hooked.

But Black Cherry Fresca...that sounds great! Oh, but nevermind, it's too late.

el-e-e said...

Oh, man! I'll have to look!

Anonymous said...

inencerJust saw it here at albertsons in Las Vegas. You are living in the wrong state ya all! Denise

Bon Don said...

sounds just like Fresca...get ya all hooked then BAM cut you off forever! BOOOO

Legal Diva said...

Try black cherry vodka and sprite- it tastes nearly the same. Or you could introduce him to my new favorite- blueberry vodka and sprite, which is dangerous in that it tastes just like blueberry muffins. Breakfast in a bottle.