Monday, December 8, 2008

The daily dose...

I just found this new toolbar from Emusic. You install it and every day there is a free music download. OR, don't download it and just bookmark this link.

So now my mornings go like this...

Click - Blog stats at GoogleAnalytics (no coincidence that there is the word ANAL in there)
Click - (oooh I need one of those!)
Click - Givewaway of the day (nothing like bloating your computer with free software)
Click - Twitter, read 673 tweets made while I was sleeping
Click - Twitterless (hey, someone qwit me)
Click - Emusic
Click - Email (do I have any blog comments?)

And I do that last because by now, it's noon.


Kirsten said...

Nice schedule! It sounds kind of familiar. :)

Bon Don said...

Very productive I must say!

Look at that, now that I've left you a comment you haven't checked your email in vain!

You're welcome! ; )