Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want a bailout too!

Mr. Twisted and I settled in on Thursday night to watch the BCS Championship game between Oklahoma and Florida.

About 30 minutes into the game... POW!!

The bulb in our Samsung DLP (50in) had blown up. I know, I'm hearing the men gasp as they read this.

Now, we have had this TV for a few years and we are on our second bulb, this one, however, has only lasted since March when it blew up during March Madness. (I am still hearing the gasps)

I tried to get Mr. Twisted to upgrade right before Christmas when Best Buy had a Samsung 52in LCD for $1499 including installation. (the current price is $2199, wasn't that a sweet deal?)

Anyway...he is less technology addicted than I am...he doesn't appreciate 1080p as opposed to 1080i or a 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, like I do. He thinks it's just 2 inches bigger. (I thought SIZE was important to men?)

So we finish watching the game on our 20 inch tube in the bedroom. Mr. Twisted wasn't happy and I only did the "I told you so" once when he said he didn't want to be paying $125 a year for a bulb for that TV.

Did I say that the TV was on sale for $1499? And now it's $2199? Yeah, I did...maybe that counts as another "I told you so". Sorry.

Last night, we were sitting in the den, staring at a 50 inch black screen.

Mr. Twisted said that in this economy, we need to be frugal with our spending.

When I saw that the Porn industry wants a $5 billion bailout, I decided that I want one too. They actually have point. They probably employ more people than the automakers and pay more taxes.

Dear Congress,

My name is Twisted Lisa and I need a bailout. My TV blew up and I need another one. Consider it a small step in keeping the economy in check. I mean, how can I order crap like Snuggies, MightyMendIt, and the latest guaranteed exercise Crap if I can't see them?

And hey, we can't watch Porn either. So I think you could be killing two birds with one stone.

Besides, there may be medical costs associated with this horrible situation. Mr. Twisted may need therapy. I may need it too after another Danbury Mint Dragon Puppet Show.

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i am feathermaye said...

All I ask is that my new 46" jobby lasts until it's paid off. Beyond that, we'll be looking for bigger and better, I'm sure.

Staci said...

Your post was truly great!! I can't believe that the porn industry wants a bailout. I think we all as individuals should've received the $$$$$$!!!

Daughter said...

After reading this, I decided that you are probably the "dream woman" of virtually every man I know, since I didn't understand half of the technical TV jargon in the first part.

But on a more serious note, how can MSNBC put Larry Flynt, pioneer of the 1st Amendment, in the same category as Gross Joe Francis, opportunist perv at large??? I just don't get it.

And further more, someone should remind the porn industry that most of us who are not hideously deformed get sex for FREE. That's right, FREE.

Speaking of which, I gotta go, I hear someone offering me FREE sex in the distance...

Wayne John said...

Shit, you know more than I do about the boob tube. Hell, I'll take a bailout too...

I left an award for you to do what you want with over on my blog.

Thanks for being a part of my blog and making it quite fun and interesting!

LittlePeopleWealth said...

LOL - great post! I didn't realize the p**n industry wants a bailout too..

cocokrispybeans said...

Hi Lisa,

First, thank you so much for stopping by my blog to wish my mom well with her cancer treatment.

I especially liked the suggestion of the healing use of pot in your message, because I am all about herbal cures.

Also: we have a 72" HD TV and we have every sports package available, if you get tired of the Dragon Puppet Interpretive Dance. ;)

Mommyhood and Life

Slapinions said...

My kids kicked in the speakers of my big screen when attempting a mary lou retton in the living room. Trade ya (TV's, not kids)