Thursday, January 22, 2009

Squirrels Gone Wild

I have always liked squirrels. Cute, furry, and so peaceful. Now I am beginning to think that they are truly of the rodent family and I am beginning to share a mindset not unlike those who hunt them, kill them, and eat them.

Okay, maybe not the 'eat' part but it's getting easier to imagine it.

This is my grill cover, or what's left of it.

This is video evidence of the culprit.

Opal has taken it upon herself to protect us from these vermin. After all, this entire house and yard belong to her and her ALONE!

"My YARD."

"My Chewing Stump"

"My Leaf"

"My Lookout Stump"

And most importantly...



Now outfitted with the proper "squirrel fighting" attire, Opal stands guard.

"I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!"

"Yo Quiero Taco SQUIRREL!"

Squirrel fighting is hard work. We didn't get any today, but there is always tomorrow!

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The Office Scribe said...

I'll trade all your squirrels for the 6 keg sized fearless raccoons that like to sit on my patio and eat rotten BigMacs.

Mary Moore said...

We get squirrels, raccoons, and the odd skunk. Oh, to be surrounded by nature.

Nooter said...

squirrels are evil hippie commie punks who are always scheming to steal your snaks tell opal to watch her back theyre like gangsters theres never only one.

if that one in the video gets into your grill i suggest a 'medium rare' setting.

Kirsten said...

Soooo cute!!!!
But, how could he sleep with all that carnage going on in that yard?

girlspooptoo said...

OH MY GOSH I want a puppy just like opal!!! how cute!!!

leeuna said...

Ohhh! How adorable!

Bon Don said...

AHHHH!!! SO GORGEOUS!! She's so tiny! I love her. it's offical. I love her :)

To town! said...

How do i get a human shirt that say's squirrel's cant be trusted?!?! Im afraid of squirrels, but that shirt is awesome.