Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing Opal!

World's Most Adorable Puppy!

Please forgive me for the lapse in postings. I am a new mom!

Opal came to us a week ago and just like new parents with babies, there has been a learning curve. We have been dogless for only 2 years but it's been many years since we have had a puppy.

Reasons why Opal was destined to be a part of our family:

1. She missed her flight.

I know, I did everything Cesar Milan said not to do. I found her on the internet, and was having her flown to me. Fortunately, since she missed her flight, the breeder hopped on a plane the next day and she got to fly in the cabin. When I saw how small she was (2 pounds 4 oz.), I felt very guilty and almost cried. How can they put those babies in Cargo?

2. She's not very graceful.

Maybe she will grow out of it, but.... two years ago today I crushed my right calcaneous (heel). I have a plate and 9 screws in it. Clumsy dog and clumsy owner could be bad. She also has feet that zero in on her poop. She climbs out of her bed, poops on the training pad, steps in it, then crawls back in her bed. Definitely gotta work on that!

3. She likes Bling (to chew on)

4. She likes Electronics (to chew on)

5. She has a Tude.

She didn't like her crate at first, when I would come to get her out, she would turn her back to me and not look at me. "Meh, how dare you ignore me and put me in here."

6. She likes Catnip. Well, what can I say?

7. She doesn't know the meaning of the word "NO" in fact, she thinks it's her name, which is officially, Hurricane Opal!

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muffy jorn said...


kstarr2 said...

I want one

Tenakim said...

she's too cute!!! My kids love her, too! Worth the wait, I guess.

ciara said...

shoulda just called her no-no lol she's too cute.

coreymom40 said...

Great videos. She is adorable.

Staci said...

With a face like that I could get over the stepping in the poop thing real quick!! Have fun!!

Heather said...

Oh so cute! Kiddo loved the video clips, especially!

Congratulations! :)

Travis Erwin said...

Cute puppy. My wife wanted to name a daughter Opal if we ever had one.

papercages said...

She is indeed adorable.

Bon Don said...

Awww all you had to do was post these pictures! My heart has melted! I just want to squeeze her!

I bet her paws smell like popcorn!

SO CUTE! Congatulations Mommy!

Swampgirl said...

She's so cute! My youngest son should have her name! His birthday - 40 weeks = the day after Hurrican Opal blew through town! What can I say? We didn't have any electricity and were bored!