Sunday, January 4, 2009

We have a due date!

I promise not to turn into one of those 'mommy bloggers'. Hey, how come women who talk about life and everything in between which sometimes includes their kids are called "Mommy Bloggers"? Do men who blog about everything under the sun get lumped into a group called "Daddy Bloggers" just cause they have kids?

Anyway...for now, I am a puppy blogger. She will be arriving on 1/10/09 on her 8 week birthday. I have everything ready for her.

Tim Tebow Gator chew toy.

Big AL chew toy

and the pink tu-tu I promised.

She is coming from Oklahoma, my birthplace and home of my Grandma. If Oklahoma beats Florida on Jan 8th, Her name will be Sooner.

If not, any ideas?
We have a theme going here
Cat - Venus
Cat - Luna
Rabbit - Orbit
Rabbit - Star

The Youngest Boy wants to name her Moonshine. I am not exactly thrilled with the prospect.

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Tenakim said...

I love Moonshine- goes with the astrological theme- kind of!

David said...

I like moonshine but perhaps moonbeam would be a compromise to avoid the revenuers and stills inuendo.

Sooner...not so much.


Bon Don said...

I'm not very good with names, but I am excited for you!!

Staci said...

She's adorable!! I love the name Scout.

Twisted Lisa said...

aha, Scout from one of my favorite books, To Kill A Mockingbird.


Heather said...

How about Casseopeia - or Cassie for short? That's a constellation, so in keeping with your astral theme...

Or, instead of Moonshine, how about the name from one of the actual moons in the solar system, like Callisto (one of Jupiter's) or Despina (one of Neptune's)?

Yes, I *did* take Astronomy in college to fulfill my natural sciences requirement, why do you ask?

(Actually, I *dropped* Astronomy midway through the semester as it was way too much math for my English Lit brain and also boring as possible. I did, however, keep my Astronomy textbook for reasons unknown.... unless those reasons were so that I could pull it out tonight, lo these many years later, to come up with suggestions for you!)

By the way, many of the moons have names taken from Shakespeare (Cressida, Ariel, Miranda, Portia, Rosalind, Juliet.....) so if you're a Shakespeare buff (like me!) then you can get a two-for-one theme tie-in! :D

Shutting up now and going off to be nerdy someplace less public...

Jodi said...