Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We have two bunnies. They live outside normally but with the recent cold snap, I didn't think they would survive outside so we brought them in.

The Youngest Boy built them two cages out of these...

These things are GREAT. In addition to the wire shelving, which is great for kids and teens rooms, you can build all kinds of things out of them.

Currently, we have a playpen for Opal and various 'gates' in the doorways to the forbidden areas of the house. We used zip ties for those.

Back to the bunnies.

Because this was temporary, we didn't reinforce the cages, we built them just like the bookcases only they were 4x4 face down.

We have a Boy bunny and a Girl bunny....you know what's coming don't you?

The other day, Mr. Twisted walked into the garage and guess what?

BOTH bunnies had busted out of their cages and were 'frolicking' around the garage.

Anyone want a cute, adorable, baby bunny in about 30 days?

How about some Hasenpfeffer?

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Nooter said...

mmmm.. hasenpfeffer..

Mary Moore said...

oh dear oh dear...

Legal Diva said...

trying to get caught up... so:
1. no thanks on bunnies
2. your puppy is adorable.
3. sorry about your tv
4. the titans lost so i don't care about the superbowl.
5. in the alternative Ladanian Tomlinson is not in the superbowl either so I don't care
6. hope all is well :)

My WV troll word is forbar. Does that mean the state bar exam, or are they trying to tell me I need a beer?

The Office Scribe said...

In my younger days I actually had a rabbit named "hasenpfeffer". Yeah, I know. I was a twisted 7 year old.

Unfortunate Names said...

tastes like chicken?

Travis Erwin said...

I blogged about rabbits today as well.

Bon Don said...

I'll take it! aww baby bunnies.

Can you posst more picture of your baby girl? I love puppies

*Bon Don*