Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Confessions of an online Bargainaholic

Okay, so the "Summer of Savings" has a downside in addition to my bulging freezers, fridge and cabinets. I have accumulated a LOT of STUFF.

My Kung Fu Panda activity CD arrived today, along with 9 CDs to "share" with friends of mine who have small children. First of all, I don't have 9 friends, secondly, the ones I do have don't have small children. I am going to plant myself outside of Bruno's and hand out these suckers to suspicious moms and children who think I am a pedophile. I can't KEEP them! It will probably take me all day to explain, "I only requested ONE, they sent me TEN!" Maybe I just need to park my butt outside the Rave Theater and hand them out to the lucky first 9 who bust out of the doors after seeing the movie. Ramdom act of kindness and all.

John has a new Halloween costume thanks to the 5 Under $5 at BuyCostumes.com
These are Awesome costumes and I would recommend them to everyone. Just check back at 9am every weekday til you find something you like, hey, it's July...you are sure to find something in time for Halloween. Did I mention I have a new Witch Hat?? It was $4 plus shipping, it looks good on me.

I have some new Christmas ornaments from Personalization Mall
Christmas in July, 70% off! I also used my Ebates account and scored an extra dollar or 2.

I have a free HD cable for the boy's XBox, Free, thanks to Google checkout at Buy.com.

I scored a great printer for Tyler to use at Auburn. Printer, scanner, fax, for $169 free shipping.

So here are tonight's questions. Do I order the Petz Dogz 2 for Nintendo Wii for $9.99?
Or the Speed Stacks Wild Cups: Lime Green with Tattoo Design for $3.98?

I think I will just call it a night and wonder when my Thrill the World DVD is going to get here.

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Costume Ideas said...

I wish they had deals on the Iron Man costume, cause I'd love to get myself one for Halloween at a good price!