Friday, July 11, 2008

Logan's Roadhouse

My letter to Logan's Roadhouse Corporate Office.
I think it's time we just eat somewhere else. It's the "Summer of Savings" so it would be frugal not to eat out at all.

I sent Logan's an email on 6/25 after a salad was placed in front of my husband and the statement was made "sorry, we are out of oil and vinegar, what else would you like?"

I spoke with the regional manager and he said it wouldn't happen again. I was sent 4 cards for 4 free entrees.

Last night, 7/10/08, was the first night we have been back to Logan's. We both ordered steaks and my husband ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms. When the food was placed on the table a while later, "Oh, we're sorry, we're out of sauteed mushrooms, what would you like instead?" I called the regional manager this morning and left a message but I have not gotten a call back.

This is the FOURTH time we have been there and told that they were OUT of something AFTER the food is placed on the table. French Fries, Tarter Sauce, oil and vinegar, and now mushrooms.

Here is the problem I am having. (In addition to not having what we order)
Why do they wait until the food is on the table before they tell us they are out?
In RARE instances in other restaurants, the waitress has come back and kindly explained that they were out of something so that we have had time to change the order if we wanted to.

For example, I only like blue cheese salad dressing, I don't WANT a salad if you run out of blue cheese.

Example #2, I LIKE tartar sauce with my Catfish, if you don't have tartar sauce, I would rather have a steak.

What if the only way my husband wants a steak is when there are sauteed mushrooms with it?

By not giving me the opportunity to change my order, I am forced to eat and pay for a meal that I would not normally eat under those circumstances. If you wait until the food is placed on the table, and I DO want to change my order, all the other people at my table are finished eating by the time my food arrives.

I can't really understand why this seems to be such a HUGE problem. Is it your policy to take this casual attitude to providing the customers with what they order?

Maybe we should start patronizing establishments who can actually provide what we order.


Anonymous said...

Went to Logan's Roadhouse in Myrtle Beach, SC on Thursday, August 7, 2008. Waitress brought me a refill for my Sprite and it had a fly floating in it! The manager never came to our table, waitress said do you want another sprite, wait staff thought it was funny! A couple of the guys working in the kitchen came out and wanted to know who got the fly in their drink! My bill was $78.00they deducted $4 for the fly! Will never eat at Logan's again. Plan to contact regional manager and corporate offices. Contacted the health department and they will do an inspection of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

that's pretty petty, sometimes places run out of things. they really wont know its gone until your order is ready. if they are making 75 sides of mushrooms and run out. your order may be 76 and no one knew. often no one knows when they are going to run out of stuff so its silly to flip our like that when something so simple happens. why do you keep going there if you don't like it? Are you just trying to find something wrong so you can ask for free food because that's what it seems like