Monday, July 28, 2008

Coupon Shopping

I have started a new "Love/Hate" relationship with coupon shopping.
Saturday I did my Wal-Mart shopping and I had another "Bad Coupon Karma" day.

How many times have you left the checkout lane at Wal-Mart to head to the Customer Service Desk? Ummm. I have been doing this for only a few months. I try to be diligent about my coupons being correct but I always end up with a cashier who gets them wrong. Saturday, it was a $14.50 error. She charged me $2.75 for 2 of my $3 planters coupons. Then skipped 1 $3 coupon. So basically, skipped $9 in coupons and charged me $5.50 for nothing. This was a doozy to explain to the Manager.

They had to pull all of her coupons and finally gave me the correct change. It happens to me at Target too. What do you guys do to make sure that your coupons are rung up correctly?
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Vickie said...

I hand them ONE coupon at the time and I watch it come off the screen before I hand them the next one. Some of the cashiers get aggravated but I don't care because .......That is MY money!