Monday, July 14, 2008

Logan's Roadhouse Part 2

Follow-up to this post.

I got a call from the regional manager today. He was soooo nice and very embarrassed. He assured me again that he was on top of things. I will give them another chance. He told me to keep his number in my cell phone and if we happen to be there and they run out of something again, I am to call him on his cell. Ooooh, I feel like a secret shopper!
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Terri said...

Thanks for the link love on a previous post. I've been meaning to thank you for a while..but time flies.

I gave up on Logan's a long time ago for pretty much the same reason. And when I notified management, I was pretty much blown off. Needless to say we haven't been back for years. Outback is so much nicer to us and I've never had a problem. I work hard for my money and don't ask for much in life. Dinner out is a treat so if it is too dramatic for us, we just eat elsewhere.

When you give up on Logans, and you will, try Outback. You will be glad you did.