Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Prayer Cloth Update

I just received another prayer cloth in the mail. I didn't request 2, I am sure of that and the reason I know that is because they spelled my name wrong on both envelopes. It feels like a Religious Chain Letter.

It's really sad to ask people in need for money. Some of these people are probably so desperate and this man, Don Stewart, is telling them that if they send him money, God will give it back.

I'm sure he is making a killing in these hard times.

Do what my friend Terri does...people like her are the ones who really make a difference.
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Anonymous said...

i stumbbled upon your blog just now (I recently started some major coupon shopping and love reading other blogs for inspiration and to make sure I didnt miss any of the good deals)....I read through some of your posts and I had to comment and tell you this really made me laugh!!! I needed a good laugh today. Thanks. I have received similar junk in the mail with out request, and your outlook on it is great, I will be visiting your blog more often!

Nydia said...

didnt mean to leave an anonymous comment, sorry, still trying to figure this blog stuff out!

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm glad that I made you laugh, and your post made me smile. Thanks so much!