Monday, July 7, 2008

Saving for a Pentax K200D

I just signed up at I figured that it would give me more blogging ideas and getting paid for typing my thoughts wouldn’t be bad either.

I am trying to save money for this camera, a Pentax K200D. I kinda want the 20D but it’s about $400 more than the 200D. I already have had 2 Pentax cameras that I have ADORED. I have two autofocus lenses that will fit the new digital camera. One is a 28-80mm macro and the other one is a 70-300mm macro.

With the age of the digital camera, I have set aside my 35mm camera. The pictures were so crisp and clear and beautiful. But like many other people, I have fallen in love with convenience. Unfortunately, the ease of uploading my pictures instantly without paying for developing and printing pulled me away from the 35mm medium. One downfall I have noticed is that many pictures get loaded onto a hard drive and never printed.

One nifty thing I found during the “Summer of Savings” was a Pandigitlal 7 inch digital picture frame. It was $59 (cheapest I have seen for this frame is $94, elsewhere) at ALDI so I went back and bought another one for John’s office. It gets the pictures off the computer and on the end table to be enjoyed.

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