Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, I love the mailgirl!

Today I got a sample of lotion, rosaries for my friend, or whoever she can give them to. I didn't realize what was involved in praying the Rosary. You think a Catholic Wedding takes time? Yikes. Looks like Baptists have it easy, just have an Ice Cream Social and you are forgiven....try praying the Rosary.

I got my "Thrill the World" DVD. Who wants to learn to do the Thriller Dance with me?? I'll be there...pretty or not!

$9 in Target coupons for my coupon mishap last time I was there.
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Terri said...

why not give the mail gal (your new BFF) a rosary to bless her mail truck. Maybe more freebies will come your way!!! Attach it with the green money prayer cloth.