Friday, July 18, 2008

My youngest calls me Leslie

My youngest son calls me Leslie. While that would be odd, him calling me by my first name, Leslie is NOT my name.

My name is Lisa.

How this started is actually kinda funny. I have spent 18 years of my life tuning superfluous sounds out. You know, "mom, Mom, Mom, mom, mom MOM! mommmmm, mommmmmmmmm."
I was the master. Unless the word 'Mom' was coupled with 'blood' 'tooth' 'eye' it was successfully placed in a low place in the priority list in my brain. I always said that I was going to change my name to 'dad' because it was used less frequently.

The youngest boy found a way around my skills. First it was, 'mom' 'mom' 'mom'....he quickly figured out that I was a worthy opponent.

'Lisa' 'Lisa' 'Lisa' 'Lisssssa' That didn't work either. Then he resorted to trickery.

'Mom' 'mom' 'mom' 'Mom' 'Lisa' 'lisa' 'lisa' 'lisa' 'lisssssa'

And I answered, "What!?!"

So now, when he wants to get my attention, he says, "Leslie!" and I answer.

18 years of practice, down the drain.
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dadthedude said...

dude, why didn't I think of this? I swear this is why my son calls me dude - holy crap.

Everytime he says it I look up and give him that look. I never put the 2 together.

That smart little....