Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A day at the Fair

No, really. It was a day at the fair. The Alabama State Fair.

I have never been to "the Fair" so it was an experience for me. I don't think it's the same as it was back in 'the day'. But it was fun. $5 Iced Tea and all!

$5 Tea. Nuff said.

What's not to like at the Fair? Monkeys riding on dogs, pig races, midway games at $3 each! Just be sure to bring LOTS OF MONEY!

Monkeys riding on dogs...I bet you didn't believe me!

And of course, you have to be wearing the proper attire.

The Youngest Boy and I raced during one game. His balloon popped first but he let me pick out the prize. I made the huge, sweaty guy climb up and get me one of the last Blue Bears he had. He wanted me to take a purple one or a red one but I NEEDED the Blue one for Tailgating on Saturday (Alabama v. Kentucky!) I have to make it a UK t-shirt!

When we came home I looked up a recipe for corndogs. Not the kind you pull out of the freezer but actual corndogs fried at home with all the fat and calories but at a fraction of the price.

Hey, at least I didn't copy the fried Twinkies!

I think this sign is posted because some guy probably got his eye shot out by someone who didn't know how to play the game.

If you just put in another $100 in quarters, the $5 bill will fall!

See the little piggy pulling at Mommy's tail...ever felt like that?

I paid $1 to see this enormous pig...I had to!

"Every game has a winner every winner has a choice....step right up and win a prize!

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Leigh said...

here by way of my hell bent friend Terri. I hope she recieves a pass for her day in hell. Sounds like she had fun.

You must go and seacrh my page for my hell...it was the fair!!!

Jodi said...

Fairs cost SO much these days. It looks like you had fun though! The $5 tea looked good - was it worth the $5?? LOL!

Twisted Lisa said...

I think the tea was the best bargain! It was so hot out there. It cost $10 to get in the door $20 more if you wanted to ride the cheesy rides.