Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let me introduce you to my 'Dealer'

While some of you may be thinking, "Yep, thought so, this chick is on DRUGS," that is not the case. Okay, maybe if they were legal...anyway.

My Dealer is a sweet woman who means well but doesn't understand that she has handed me a key to self destruction.

She can buy Beauty Supplies WHOLESALE.

Now, you are could this possibly be bad? Twisted Lisa gets her 'fix' at a HUGE discount, right?

Yeah, there is that...

On the flip side is a woman let lose in a candy store. Sure, the OPI Polish at $3.50 a bottle is FABULOUS, tweezers to tweeze anything, and professional Flat Irons.


There is...

Hair Color.

That in itself is not scary. I am what makes it scary. There is a REASON people off the street can't go into a store and buy professional beauty supplies off the shelf, and I am the poster child.

I have pink hair.

Well, it's not ALL pink, the parts that are pink are the grey non-brown bits of my head.

It started innocently enough. A tube of brown hair color, a bottle of something you mix with it, and me.

Last time, instead of the nice shiny, coppery brown lock that was glued to the display, my hair turned BLACK.

This is where my big brain comes in. If it was too dark with that ratio of peroxide and who knows what other kinds of chemicals then upping the peroxide should work, right?



Pink. And I left it in a total of 5 minutes. FYI, if your haircolor has not developed all the way before you wash it WILL stain your shower.

Also, if your hair is pink, it does NOT look better in the sunlight.

You may not know this but Wanda Sykes is going to be at the Alys Stevens Center the day after my birthday. Maybe I can get tickets, she is one of the funniest women I know. Maybe if I get good seats up front she will take one look at my hair and think, "this chick is a trip" and invite me backstage for cocktails.

We will laugh, and joke and she says, "You are SO funny! Do you mind if I use that in my act?"

And I will say, "Of course you can use it, you are my new BFF!"

Then she asks me to go on tour with her because she needs my inspiration, and I happily accept.

Law School can wait...

Maybe there is a benefit to having pink hair.

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Terri said...

consider your card revoked. You no longer can play at the candy store.

Jodi said...

Oh boy - pink! Hey it worked for Kim Cattral in Sex And The City for an episode!

I would be like a kid in a candy store too. I have something similar. The person that does my nails is my friend and she conveniently works across the hall from me. As a matter of fact I have a nail appt today. Gotta love friends who have beauty supply cards. Hehehehe

Wanda is HYSTERICAL. You should so go with your pink hair. Law school will be here when you get back! LOL!