Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Law School Dinners

I try to be a good wife, a good mom, a good employee and a good student. I am having an extremely difficult time juggling all of them at the same time.

My schedule this semester is brutal. Four nights a week, I leave the house at 5:45pm and I don't get home til 9pm or so. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Every week until December 12th.

Here is dinner tonight:

My kitchen is clean because Terri said we were baking next week for charity. I had no idea...I'm glad I read about it on her blog.

So, we have hot dogs, dip and chips. Spaghetti and meatballs, soup and grilled cheese, Pizza Hut. If I plan ahead...Crock Pot Roast, or Crock Pot Anything.

Some days, when I am not in class, I like to grill. Pork Chops, Chicken. I have an electric smoker I use on the weekends.

Last night in class, the professor called on me...I wasn't prepared. I have had the week from Hell (last week) and it couldn't have been a more inopportune time.

I failed miserably, like Legally Blonde? Only this week I screwed up my hair and you could call me Legally Pink.

But I guess there will be more Hot Dogs next week, if I can survive this one.

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Jodi said...

OMG! I LOVE your blog! I found you through NaBloPoMo!! You are HYSTERICAL. We seem to have similar senses of humor - does that make me twisted too?

Just wanted to say hello, introduce myself & to say you may be seeing my mug around your blog from now on if that is OK.

I was reading older posts from you...I thought I had armpit cancer once too. It was from shaving.

I give you ALOT of credit for working and taking that many credits! I work full-time, have a LONG commute and take one creative writing class & I can barely make it. Kudos to you! I'm very impressed.

Your dinner looks good. That's how it looks in my house too on some nights. I am a stickler for condiments & happy to see that you use Heinz Ketchup & French's mustard. I have blinders on to any other brands. Just like there is only Hellman's Mayo. OK. I'll stop there. I'm all over the place here. LOL!

Have a great day - stop by & visit anytime!

Twisted Lisa said...

Hey Girlfriend! You get to be my girlfriend since you read my blog...my real life BFF doesn't read it, she only pretends to. :)
Did you notice that the ketchup is almost empty? See, that is where it starts, serving hot dogs without ketchup and then things all go to hell!
Welcome Friend!

Jodi said...

Thanks Girlfriend!! :)

Yes, I did notice the ketchup bottle was almost empty. But that is OK..you have the right brand name going on. Heinz rules. You ar right though, all things do go to hell when the condiments run out.

I'll make you feel better. My BFF knows I have a blog and she has never even asked for the link! I'll even mention my blog and she'll go "Oh yeah?" Not..'hey Jodi, give me the link'. Nope, nothing. That's OK, we'll just be "in on it" and they won't. LOL!

Thanks for the welcome & stop by and visit my blog anytime.
Have a great night :)