Monday, September 8, 2008

So I freaked...a little.

So the Oldest Boy called yesterday and needed a few things. I bought them and had them shipped UPS. If you can believe it, it only takes 1 day to ship a package from here to Auburn. That is the fastest I have ever seen!

Anyway. I sent him a text around noon and told him that I had sent his package and it should be there tomorrow.

No "aw thanks mom...for spending $15 on shipping for stuff I needed...

Not even... "K"

So I was informed by my ex-husband (The Moron) that The Oldest Boy had gotten a parking ticket at school. Geez, he got a scholarship for tuition and fees, stop yer bitchin.

I logged on to see what this was all about. Yep, $50 parking ticket, they don't mess around!

So I texted him at answer.

I checked his schedule and he doesn't have any classes.

So I text again.


Now, I will not lie to you. I have a VIVID IMAGINATION. Especially in Mommy Mode. I am a record breaker when it comes to Mommy Mode. Sane to INSANE in 2.5 seconds.

So where is he? How did he get a parking ticket, Why did he get a parking ticket? He is usually terrified of parking anywhere that he is not supposed to.

Another text message is sent...still no response.

OMG, He's been KIDNAPPED and someone stole his car and parked in the wrong place when they ditched the car after they hid the body.

THAT is Mommy Mode.

Now, Mommy Mode does not take into consideration that he is over 6'4 and although a little thin, very solid. Mommy Mode does not allow for me to listen to reason.

Finally after what seems like an eternity....(about an hour)and after I checked his credit card to see if any kidnappers went crazy with it...I texted him again.

"I'm going to call the police if you don't text me!"

Now, in my defense...his roommate who is a sophomore, was not very reachable his freshman year. His parents told me that one time they actually called campus police to go to his dorm and check on him. See, I am not the only one!

He has heard this story from his roommate...probably with all the embarrassing details.

I get a text immediately.

"I'm at practice."

My reply, "You got a parking ticket, I thought you had been kidnapped!"

No response. But i can hear the eyes roll.

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BusyDad said...

Hilarious! My mom is the SAME way. She tried to reach my sister a few years ago and after many unsuccessful attempts called campus police. They went knocking on all the dorm doors until they found my sister hanging out cramming for a test. She was so embarrassed when campus police told her "you mom's looking for you." I really thought it was just our mom who did this.

Swampgirl said...

OK -time to calm down! We have all been there before-the panic- the Mothers' intuition- and our job "embarrassing our children"! Just in case it happens again -my DH works for Lee County Sheriffs' Office- he has seen it all- and will help! Most of the time he can settle things before my kids find out I've gone off the deep end!

Twisted Lisa said...

I think I learned my lesson...

BUT, what's his number???

Just in case???

: ) jk