Sunday, September 14, 2008

My 100th Post....or 101...whatever.

In honor of my 100th post...(actually...this one is really 101) I have compiled a list of things that some may or may not know about me.

100 things about me

1. I have a skewed outlook on life (twisted)
2. I am about to be 41 years old.
3. I have 2 boys, 18 and 15.
4. I have always wanted to be a Lawyer.
5. My parents talked me out of being a Lawyer.
6. I am 5 semesters and a Bar Exam away from #4.
7. I played the Flute and Piccolo in High School.
8. I was run over by a car when I was 2. (both tires across my middle)
9. I love my Grandma.
10. I drive a School Bus.
11. I have proclaimed myself an Orphan.
12. I love the beach, and being near any kind of water.
13. I love electronics.
14. I can fix things when they break.
15. I have no tolerance for Liars.
16. I have no tolerance for Stupidity.
17. Some people think I can be mean.
18. Some people think I can be nice.
19. I say what I am thinking. (May be the mean part)
20. I agonize over every dollar I spend.
21. I love to travel.
22. I am somewhat antisocial.
23. I will do anything for a friend.
24. If you stab me in the back, you are no longer my friend (or family see #11)
25. I love to watch movies.
26. I love music.
27. I have been married twice. First time- 15 years, second time , I hope longer.
28. I am many times, misunderstood.
29. I didn’t start drinking until a couple of years ago.
30. I am quite good at it.
31. My first car was a 1980 Fiat Spyder.
32. I now drive a Saturn.
33. I can do a lot of different car repairs.
34. I can change my own flat tire with no help.
35. I love to take pictures.
36. I love to scrapbook, (no time though with school)
37. I love to read…see #36
38. I am a pyro.
39. I wanted to go to the University of Kentucky.
40. I started my college career at Montevallo. (I know…where is that?)
41. I graduated from University of Alabama Birmingham in 2005.
42. I am a pack-rat.
43. I was invited to be on the Dr. Phil show.
44. I was 36 the first time I flew on an airplane.
45. I like to cook.
46. I was thinking about going to Culinary School but went to UAB instead.
47. I can sew, knit and crochet.
48. I am blind without my contacts.
49. I love old cemeteries.
50. I believe in ghosts.
51. I didn’t know that my dad was really my stepdad til I was 14.
52. I still don’t know who my dad is.
53. I do have a picture of him.
54. I like to build things.
55. I hate to pay bills.
56. I tried to be Martha Stewart when my kids were little.
57. I was damn near close.
58. I like to volunteer.
59. I love old houses.
60. I want to live in Savannah and restore a historic house.
61. I believe in past lives.
62. I love October the most of all seasons.
63. I hate Okra.
64. Halloween is my favorite occasion.
65. Christmas is my least.
66. I don’t like people who are nice only to get something from you,
67. Estate sales make me sad.
68. I almost never cry.
69. When I do…it’s usually at an inappropriate time.
70. I like to grow things.
71. Sometimes they die.
72. I miss my Pug, Dixie.
73. All of my Pets have been INSANE!
74. I am not materialistic.
75. My former parents are.
76. I love Football.
77. I’m allergic to Horses.
78. I listen to both sides of a dispute…but almost always choose a side.
79. I spill things.
80. I break things.
81. I fall down stairs.
82. And up them too.
83. I have more metal in my right heel than bone (see #80)
84. I agonize over decisions so I won’t regret them.
85. I sometimes regret my decisions.
86. I always cheer for the underdog.
87. I am usually the underdog.
88. People think I am a conservative democrat.
89. I think I am a liberal republican.
90. I tend to fight other peoples battles for them (see #4)
91. I think I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.
92. I have been told by many that I am a nut.
93. I would like to think of myself more of a Jordon Almond.
94. I love to hear people laugh.
95. I know just enough about medicine to make me dangerous.
96. I think that my brain still thinks about things when I sleep.
97. I predict the weather with my foot (see #83)
98. Sometimes there are voices that tell me to do things. (see #92)
99. The voices are good, not evil. The Evil voice belongs to MOI.
100. I like to color outside the lines, or rather, make my own lines.
101. I don’t like to follow the rules (at least the stupid ones)

So there you have it...101 things about me. Yeah...I hear ya...she really IS Twisted!

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