Monday, September 15, 2008

WTF? Nothing like the Optometrist telling you you're OLD.

So, I have to get some new Contact Lenses. I have been wearing my last pair of 30-days for about 45 days now...

The optometrist notes my chart and he says..."Ok, I have written you a prescription for glasses AND contacts..the glasses are ummm... bifocals.

"Uhhh NO," I say. "Nope....not can see just fine."

" read this," he says, holding a little card in front of my face.

"I........don't wanna," I reply.

"UmmHuh," he kinda arrogantly.

I'm telling you, I can see JUST FINE.


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Terri said...

yeah, I had that convo last month. I don't need bifocals. My vision is actually 20/20 within 10 feet, where i usually was blind no matter what. So now I just take of my glasses when I do close up stuff.

which reminds me...I need to go have pt. 2 of the exam done. maybe he forgot about the 'bifocals' thing.

David said...

I can solve this problem with one word....Mono Vision.

I have one contact for distance and one contact for reading. Works beautifully.

Check it out with your ophthalmologist.

Twisted Lisa said...

I wish I could do that but I am almost blind -7.5, so I think I would be destined to kill myself by walking on an uncovered manhole or something.

Chat Blanc said...

I feel your pain. I was in trifocals at 30! But I had Lasik and now, no glasses!!! yay!