Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Yesterday I woke up after having a dream about it raining so much that there were floods.

Me: Is it going to rain today, my foot hurts and I dreamed about it.
Hubby: Nope, not supposed to rain all weekend, I checked.
Me: Oh...weird.

My friend Terri called me.

Terri: Is it going to rain today?
Me: My foot hurts but the forecast says no.
Terri: I trust your foot, I'll plan for rain.

Later in the day I pulled up the radar...because my foot was telling SCREAMING otherwise.

Rain was headed our way and a little while did rain.

I should figure out a way to make money on this deal.

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April said...

My head does the same thing with bad headaches. They tell me it's sinus, but all I know is it just hurts. Feel better.