Sunday, September 21, 2008

War Eagle! (I'm not one of those fans!)


BUT, there is a bright side.

I bought this cute little cake last weekend. He brought us good luck so we didn't eat him. I was looking at him yesterday thinking, "if we win today, I have to KEEP him!"

If you look closely, he is not aging well.

While I admit, I was hoping to keep him until he turned green and moldy and could be considered a health hazard...he goes to the garbage today.

BUT, I am not one of those fans who turn their back on their team in times of trouble.



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April said...

You should send a copy of this pic to the CakeWrecks blog. I think it's No offense to your cake. LOL But the blog is pretty funny.

Good luck next week as long as you aren't playing Georgia.

Twisted Lisa said...

No offense taken, I didn't make it I just spent money on it! LOL!