Friday, August 29, 2008

Bat Cave

Some of you might be wondering, "What is this Bat Cave that Twisted Lisa keeps referring to?"

I am a tech addict. My favorite smell in the entire world is a piece of brand new electronics. Have you ever smelled it? Up close? Go ahead...try it! It's so much better than New Car, I wish they made a perfume.

I decided to buy a projector for our basement. Well, it was originally basement, somehow I have taken over the space of the garage. Only one side though. Who needs to park their car inside anyway, when you can BAT CAVE?

We made an 8x6 ft. screen that I designed. So the screen is 110 inches (diagonal). I have a DVR, Dvd player (with surround sound) and a computer hooked up to the projector.

I bought some Blackout fabric from Wal-Mart and covered the garage door windows. I first used black garbage bags but that was not classy. We had a speaker come and talk to us at school about identifying drug users and he said that if you saw a house with black garbage bags over the garage door windows, it was a Meth Lab. I had no idea...I thought they were Bat Caves, like mine!

When the world turns against me...I retreat. There is no outside world in the Bat Cave. My cell phone rings but I don't answer. When I emerge, I have messages like, "Are we Batcaving today?" and "Holy Smoke Bat Girl, you won't believe what just happened!"

Today, I have retreated to the Bat Cave, injured. Time to heal in the cool darkness. The cats rally around me, the Bat Cats, whose eyes are turning white due to the lack of light in here. Not really, but they do squint a lot when you open the outside door.

SO... Here it is!

Ahhhh! The screen is 8 feet long. Widescreen DVD.

Regular TV. I hate Hurricane Season.

Lights on...not so good. Luckily, that is rare. Behind the brown fabric is important Secret Bat Stuff (Christmas and Halloween decorations). You can see the Ablounger and the Gazelle, used for important Bat Girl exercising (hahahahahaha)

Sophisticated Video Surveillance (to monitor the driveway so that when Hubby comes home I can jump up and pretend to be doing something useful!)

BatCat1 loves the smell of electronics too!

BatCat2 snoozing in the Papasan chair.

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I've oft wondered where food comes from. Care to explain?