Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Of Savings

Well, here is a recap of my Summer of Savings.

I have about 15 free thick, fluffy new bath towels courtesy of Bruno's.

I am stocked up on Colgate, Sure, All, Pert, Pro Vive, Scott Paper Towels, HP paper, Planter's Peanuts and my 3 freezers are full. (way too full!)

I have enough spiral bound notebooks to last through many years of school (wide and college ruled). My dining room table is also covered with packages of pens and mechanical pencils.

I scored 10 free entrees at Logan's. If you read about the Logan's saga.

I received a Free Value Meal at Captain D's.

Hubby is tired of listening to my free Juice Newton CD fron Zantac!

I love my Brad Paisley T-shirt from Hershey's.

I don't have to buy cat food again for a long, long, long time.

Law School exams are over, Public school started (in the middle of Law School exams)and I have been too busy to buy Sunday's paper, 2 WEEKS in a row. Law School starts again on Monday. Nice Break right?

I bought a ton of study guides for 5 classes and a textbook from a classmate for $100 (textbooks alone are around $125 each)

Ok, so my CVS spending this summer was $273.30, my savings was $534.88! I never used to even walk through the door of CVS except to get scripts filled! I have some Aqua Globes, a laptop workstation, a portable speaker and battery pack for the Youngest Boy. Garden flags, makeup, enough mascara to last me until I don't wear it anymore. I bought a cute freezable serving tray for 9 cents!

I saved money on everything The Oldest Boy needed for College.

I bought an Auburn Flag (War Eagle!) and a UAB (Go Blazers!) flag at Lowe's with my $10 off $25 coupons and I now have paint to finish the kitchen. (I'll get right on that!)

I have quite a few free, or nearly free, magazine subscriptions coming to me. Goodhousekeeping, Rachel Ray, Shape, Woman's Day, Saveur, Popular Science. There are a couple more but I can't remember what they are. It makes it really hard to buy from the neighborhood kids when they have their magazine sale for the school!

I got this fountain at Kroger with my $30 gift cards I won in the Dr. Pepper contest! It was on clearance for 50% off! I also saw Sex and the City with my free movie ticket from the same contest.

I was also able to donate more to charity. Things I bought or got for free that I didn't need myself went to my friend Terri's church. Glucerna snack shakes and a Glucose monitor for Diabetics! As soon as my dog food samples start rolling in, I will be giving them to a local shelter.

I have never been one to pay full price for anything so my savings will continue. I plan on doing MUCH better next summer!

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Juice said...

Hey Lisa, great haul this summer. How'd you get the free magazines? Share your secrets!