Sunday, August 3, 2008

CVS Shopping Trip

I went to CVS this morning to do my weekly shopping. I have 2 stores to choose from and I chose to go to the one a little further away because I can get my Sunday paper there. Here is the result of my trip.

PaperMate Pens 3 for $1
Dawn 88 cents
Colgate $2.99
Bayer $1.99
Sharpies $6.21
4 Sure Deodorant $5.38
CVS Hand Sanitizer $1.19
Sunday Paper $1.50
One Touch Glucose monitor $19.99

50 cents Dawn
$1.00 Colgate
$1.00 Bayer
$1.19 Free Sanitizer from CVS receipt
$2.69 BOGO Sure
$2.69 BOGO Sure
$4/$20 CVS coupon
$19.99 Glucose meter (this goes to charity)

Total Out of Pocket $10.59 ($5.00 School Supply rebate from today's paper will make it $5.59)
$2 ECB back

But I would like to say this, I can't stand being treated like a criminal when I try to use the BOGO coupons. The cashier refused to scan it, she called the manager who said I couldn't use 2 coupons. I told them BOTH that I had called CVS Customer Service and they confirmed that I would only have to pay tax on the Sure. Just like the Pro Vive last week. I also ran into trouble with that at my closest CVS.
The manager FINALLY said (after 3 people were in line behind me) that she would "take it this time, but you can only use one coupon, it says so right on the coupon."

I didn't have time to argue with her. She was NOT NICE and acted like she did me a favor by taking my coupons.

How many times do I have to call CVS before they train the managers and the cashiers how to take these coupons?

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Lori said...

I know what you mean about having coupon trouble at CVS. Last week I called before I went to my local store to make sure that accepted competitors coupons. I was told that they did, so I went coupons in hand from Walgreen's. The supervisor on duty was working the cash register. She handed me back the coupon and told me it was from Walgreens. When I asked about their policy, she said that they do take comp. coupons but that they don't advertise it. At this point she was still trying to hand me the coupon back. Confused, I asked her again and she rang the coupon but she made it very clear that she did not appreciate it.
They should know their policies and stand by them.

Minda said...

I'm pretty lucky then because the cashiers at our CVS always ask if I have coupons before I have a chance to lay them down and seem geniunely disappointed if I don't. Maybe they read these blogs, LOL? Looks like you scored some good deals.

Terri said...

I come sniffing for church donations. I'll trade you a glucose monitor for a box of Advil and an Advil cpn. Tomorrow I'm going to the Riverchase CVS. I'll let you know how I'm treated.

I'll bet they are extra nice because they are next to a gun shop!

Terri said...

forgot to ask...what was your freebie on your receipt?

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

I got free CVS hand sanitizer!

kristine said...

Hi! I was thinking of going back for the glucose monitor to give away also... It would be a nice gift to someone who might need it and can't afford to buy it =)

Anonymous said...

Nice site! I hate it when I get a crabby cashier, I have not tried come competitors coupons yet, can those be used with a manufactuer coupon for same item?

Thanks! :)

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

I haven't tried using competitors coupons yet. They should work just like a store coupon and you should be able to use them with a manufacturer coupon. I have enough trouble just using those at CVS so I'm not sure my cashiers could handle it!

evaporated said...

I have the worst problems too!! Especially with the rollover ECBs. Today I had $1.63 overage after I'd paid for everything, and the cashier made me go back through the store and buy SOMETHING to take up the ECB overage, and there were 4 people in line behind me! I ended up just getting some gum. They can be so rude there. And I don't get that at all, because it's not like it comes out of their pockets! You know they have a whole department of people that come up with their weekly/monthly deals, so it's not like they should expect their customer base to not be smart enough to figure out how to combine coupons!! UGH. I had the B1G1 problem today as well, with my cashier on the Cover Girl makeup one. I DON'T EVEN WEAR THAT MAKEUP, but I do volunteer work for a youth shelter and was just trying to get it for my donation box. The things I go through for charity!!!!

Lisa said...

DOn't know where you guys live but I thought it was only at CVS in SC!!! It's all a big conspiracy... mine hires all the northerners who don't mind telling you no way in heck ( I can only say that becasue I am originally one)but what they don't know is I have their regional managers cell # programmed into my cell phone!! :) We have a brand new store 2 miles from me and I have had NOTHING but trouble and headaches from 3 particular cashiers there. I called corporate all 3 times, was sent a gift card for my troubles all 3 times, and was given a personla call from the GM who assured me this behavior would stop! Hence having his number in the event of another "incident". The great thing about my position with him was making him more than aware that there IS a Walgreens across the street that I will be forced to take my business to if it doesn't stop! I FEEL ALL YOUR PAIN!!

Horia said...

I was wondering if the $2 off $10 CVS coupon can be reused after being used once? I'm new to this CVS madness and was just curious if they keep it in their database that you've already used that coupon or not. Thanks for the answer.

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

I believe that since the $2 coupon is in a printable format, made available by the magazine, you should be able to use it as many times as you want. There is no specific bar code like they have when you print a coupon from your account. The bar code is the same for everyone.

keelime said...

I take a copy of THEIR B1G1 coupon policy with me and their corporate phone number- it usually hushes them up and takes the fight out of the casheirs.
I also explain to them that they get their money from the manufacturers ( plus $.08), so why are they giving me a hard time- they should appreciate that I am using coupons and going to THEIR store for my business!!
It's a WIN-WIN!!!!