Saturday, August 16, 2008

Funny Bunnies

I don't know what it is but the animals in my life have always been crazy, twisted perhaps! Is it because of me, nurture over nature? My first dog was a poodle. WinniePoo. Yes, I was like FOUR when I named him. Maybe he was crazy because he hated the name WinniePoo!

Buffy was my second dog who became surrogate mother to an injured baby mallard duck I brought home, Quacky. Ok, so I was 11.

Belle was our boxer who chewed up something belonging to the last person to leave her alone in the house.

Jezebelle was our boxer who was COMPLETELY INSANE.

Dixie, my pug, would bring me her dish when it was empty.

Venus and Luna, two very crazy cats.

Then we have the bunnies, Orbit and Star. Ok, so maybe I am not any better with names as an adult.

Orbit, the boy bunny, is seen here telling me that his food bowl s empty. It usually is in the hutch. When I went out to feed him, I noticed that it wasn't empty, it was filled with the bits of food that he doesn't CARE FOR.

Star is seen in her rabbit hole. She is getting ready for winter. Orbit, the male bunny thinks it's nonsense. He will probably freeze. Do you see a comparison to humans here??

He even looks perturbed!

The less desirable bits

The Good stuff

Star in her hole UNDER her hutch!

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