Saturday, August 30, 2008

House Divided

This post was inspired by Susan, Terri's sister.

I moved to Alabama when I was 12. There is no other state like it when it comes to football. It's one of the first things the other kids ask you.

kid, "Who ya for?"
me, "Ummm, for what?"
kid, "Alabama or Auburn" While looking at me like I was in the 'special' class.
me, "Kentucky"
kid, "Huh?"

And it went on from there. It didn't take long to see and understand the Football Dynamic of the state of Alabama at the time. Think back to 1980. Alabama beat Penn State in 1979 with the "Goal Line Stand" and it was Bear Bryant's last National Championship.

Alabama fans were TURDS. So I chose....


I was the only one in my family to choose Auburn. My parents and sister always have to do what the Joneses they picked the no-brainer... Alabama.

I have always been one to pick the underdog. As the red-headed step-child, I have always sympathized with the with those trampled on.

In the 80's I can't think of anyone more trampled on in Alabama than Auburn.

My sister ended up going to Auburn. I remember her leaving for school saying that she would always be for Alabama. What a dork. She is now an Auburn alum...and a fan. I love it when I'm right.

War Eagle.

I have never had much luck when it came to guys and football. Meaning, I would like a guy then find out he was a (gulp) Tennessee fan. No WAY Jose! But I did always seem to end up with an Alabama Fan.

I started my college experience at Montevallo, which had no football team. But lots of Baseball Players...
So I stayed an Auburn fan second to Kentucky (My parents wouldn't LET me got to Kentucky, I still have the acceptance letter and the bitter taste in my mouth!)

My first husband...Alabama Fan. I humored him...
He had his Alabama junk even though he didn't GO there. He tried to influence the boys but they didn't really care one way or the other.

Th Oldest Boy scored a 33 on the ACT, a 35 in Math. He wants to study Engineering. He got a scholarship to............AUBURN. Yes, it only paid tuition and fees. (He was offered a full ride at Alabama but exactly WHAT kind of Engineering program does Alabama have??? Rest my case.)

Poetic Justice, Karma...gotta love it.

Hubby is also an Alabama fan. What makes us compatible is that he graduated from UAB as did I in 2005. We have that in common. Go Blazers!

So my advice to Susan...just sit back, quietly...let Auburn work it's magic!

War Eagle!!!

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