Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This semester has started off swimmingly. (yep, here is that sarcasm again)

First night (Equity)...I get stuck behind a garbage truck on an impassable road at 6:00pm! I get to class and didn't have time to use the restroom first so now my bladder is twice the size it used to be. I also left my ID at home.

Second night (Constitutional Law I)...I get here in time. My registration form said I was in Section A. I go to the room for section A but my name is not on the list outside the door. Hmmmm...So I go back down the elevator to look at the master list and I am now in Section B! I go to the room for Section B and BAM. Pop quiz worth 4% of our grade! MY SECTION didn't have a reading assignment yet. FOUR (4) PERCENT! Even my mathematically challenged brain knows that is half a LETTER GRADE!

I don't even have my friggin book yet since I am buying it from a classmate tomorrow night for $20 (saving $117)

I was soooooooooo not going to have a beer tonight but now it's guaranteed. And he is one of THOSE professors who likes to give you a 10 minute break in the middle of class so that he can keep us FOREVER!

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