Thursday, August 7, 2008

Left The Nest

Well, the Oldest baby bird left the nest this morning. He left for Auburn at 7am and it was my first day back at work and the Youngest boy's first day back at school.

I didn't cry. I have noticed that I do not show my emotions appropriately so I will probably start crying when the next cashier at CVS refuses my coupon. That will be fun.

I am looking forward to football season, I get to see the Oldest baby in the Auburn halftime show! The Auburn Marching Band halftime show will be a tribute to The Rolling Stones! I am not sure which games we will be going to, (probably the cheap games!) tickets are EXPENSIVE! We can afford Tennessee Martin I just bought tickets online. Who are they again?? According to the website, they are the "Skyhawks" so this will be interesting. I wonder if they have a mascot like "Tiger" that will fly through the stadium....WAR EAGLE!!

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Swampgirl said...

Send your boy down the road to Opelika if he needs any help...I've got 4 boys (27,24,18,12) So I've been through it all! Loved your pool post-we went through MUCH red tape and our pool begins next week- we also started the process in the early summer. Since we live in a Historic District we had even more hoops to jump through!

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

Thanks so much! Looks like we have a lot in common. We have been looking for a house in Savannah to buy now and fix-up slowly for retirement. We found a BEAUTY 1890, Bull Street HUGE with a separate carriage house, 6 fireplaces. Only thing, it was $300k and the back half was burned. I envy you being able to fix up an historical house, it's admirable. Good luck with the pool. I have to go out in 10 minutes and close mine down and send the Youngest boy's friends home (10pm)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog from the I <3 CVS forums. I am from the McCalla area and just had to comment on the post with a big War Eagle!!

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

Woo Hoo! War Eagle!!!!!