Sunday, August 3, 2008

CVS Deals

I went in to my local CVS to buy Ivory Soap for the Oldest Boy to take to Auburn with him. Buy 2 for $1.49 each and get $1 ECB. So 3 bars of soap cost me $1. Not bad.

But the deal I found in a buggy was little summer garden flags for 75 cents. They also had the pole for 75 cents. I bought 4 little flags and 2 poles. I already have a couple of flags that size but no pole. One was for the Oldest Boy's graduation, which I had to tie to the mailbox. Now I have a pole instead. All of these were originally $2.99!

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Swampgirl said...

Hi! I just ran across your blog -we have CVS in common + plus sons at AU. Rest assured that CVS is alive and well in Auburn with Walgreens across the street. I have made son#3's college stash of fre and cheap things from CVS and Walgreens!

Alan aka LemonTide said...

Hey Twisted Lisa, I was just looking at the traffic report. Found you had linked to the site. Wanted to thank you deeply.

Alan.. aka LemonTide

Lisa's Twisted Blog said...

You're quite welcome Alan, LemonTide is Awesome!