Saturday, August 9, 2008

Walking out of CVS

I walked out of CVS today. I didn't buy a thing. The cashier and manager were harassing this poor woman over her coupons. It's the BOGO that taxes the CVS employee's brains, the outcome is not pretty. Smoke comes out of their ears, you can hear the gears grinding...and all this comes with a look on their face..."duuuuuhhhh".....and the scratching of their head.

I HAD to stop and say something. "CVS Corporate says you HAVE TO TAKE THESE COUPONS. You HAVE to."

The cashier said, "SHE (pointing to the manager, Rosalind is her name)won't let us accept these coupons."
Rosalind said, "We have turned away MANY customers with these coupons."

So I said, "You are supposed to accept them, I have called CVS and they said YOU HAVE TO."

She totally blew me off. She (Rosalind) is the woman who raises her finger to make you stop talking, like in kindergarten.

I left my full buggy in the middle of the floor and walked out. Monday morning I am calling CVS and I am going to find out who the regional manager is. I am going to insist on him/her calling me and I want an email explaining the CVS coupon policy. I will print it out and laminate it to carry with me at all times.

It shouldn't be this hard.

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Terri said...

I have had no problems at CVS, I just don't like them. Which CVS was this? The Helena and Riverchase ones are so friendly. But the Helena one is being grazed soon and a bigger one will be put in its place.

Vickie said...


d.o.wife said...

So what was the outcome of this?

Twisted Lisa said...

I called Corporate and complained and I haven't had a problem since.